It all started with an idea.

My grandfather's love for American Holly quickly grew and he began planting until hundreds of young holly trees that dotted the property. He would give talks and tours, sell the cut holly at Christmas, and sell seedlings in the spring and fall. 

Today, we still have American Holly on the property, but have expanded the business to follow the same basic concepts of offering quality plants at a great price.  As an aggregator, we work with over two dozen grower nurseries to supply us with the best quality plants for our clients. 

First there were two...

In 1949, William M. Glose, Jr. planted two holly trees in front of their newly constructed home in Allentown, PA. As the trees matured, they flowered, but never berried. Off he went to the public library and began to research the why's and found a solution. 

Then there were three American Holly trees landscaped into their property. The addition was a the berries and the cardinals came. That's how it all began.

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